One of the "Big Five". Botswana has the largest population of elephants on earth - estimated more than 200.000 are enjoying their freedom of wandering for hundreds of kilometers in the immense wilderness of Northern Botswana.
Okavango Delta Safaris - cape buffalo
Okavango Delta Safaris - elephant
Cape Buffalo

One of the "Big Five". Large herds of these magnificent beasts can still be seen in the Okavango area and in the Chobe National Park. 

One of the "Big Five". There is a healthy population of lions in the Okavango region. It is one of the main safari attractions. There is a good chance to see these cats in the natural habitat of the Okavango Delta. At night you will hear them roaring - an incredible night sound of African wilderness.
Okavango Delta Safaris - lion

One of the "Big Five". They are still quite common in the Okavango, although not always easy to see. A good and experienced guide will try to find these cats and show them to you.
Okavango Delta Safaris - leopard
Okavango Delta Safaris - giraffe

A rare sight, but if you are lucky you may see these fastest land animals.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Cheetah

One of the most popular and iconic creatures. Many are living in the Okavango and you will see some of them for sure.

One of the most numerous antelopes in the Okavango. You will see many of them all over the place.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Impala
Red Lechwe

Typical Okavango Delta resident. This antelope is always near water or in water. You cannot miss them on your safari trip.
Okavango Delta Safaris - lechwe

One of the majestic antelopes. One of the most common and resilient species all over the country.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Kudu

Great wanderers in search for food and water. Groups of these antelopes will be seen on the way, often together with zebras and other animals.
Okavango Delta safaris - wildebeest

One of the most beautiful and graceful antelopes. Rarely seen but sometimes they will cross your way in the Okavango.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Sable antelope

A shy and shade loving antelope.


Not very common but often seen in the Okavango Delta.

Okavango Delta Safaris - bushbuck
Okavango Delta Safaris - reedbok
Okavango Delta Safaris - roan antelope

Big antelope, rather shy, doesn't like to be watched by people.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Steenbok antelope

A small antelope often seen along the bush roads.
Okavango delta Safaris - Tsessebe antelope

The fastest antelope in Africa. In East Africa it is called Topi.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Zebra

Great nomads and residents of the Okavango Delta. Sometimes they leave the delta and travel hundreds of kilometers to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Baboon

Big trouble makers at the campsites. Never ever feed them. They can be very aggressive and dangerous, especially the big males with huge teeth. Great animals to watch.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Vervet monkey
Vervet Monkey

Safari entertainers, sometimes troublesome when they get to familiar with people. Professional thieves - keep the windows of your car closed when you leave your vehicle, otherwise they will go in and take what they find. You wouldn't like toy see your Nikon or Sony hanging 15 meters high on a tree or dropping down. The same applies to baboons.
Okavango Delta Safaris - Jackal
Okavango delta Safaris - Hyaena
Okavango Delta Safaris - Hippo
Okavango Delta Safaris - Warthog
Okavango Delta Safaris - waterbuck antelope
Okavango Delta Safaris - Wild dog
Okavango Delta Safaris - Tortoise
Okavango Delta Safaris - Puff adder
Okavango Delta Safaris - Monitor lizard
Okavango Delta Safaris - Crocodile
Okavango Delta habitats create home for many interesting animals. Most of them you will encounter on your safari trip. Some people will see almost all of them, some fewer - but this should not be the main purpose of your safari. Enjoy the whole, bigger picture of this unique ecosystem. Below are some of the prominent game species of the Delta. Your safari guide will try to find as many of them as possible.

Very common antelope, always close to water.

They often follow other predators, but they can hunt as well.

Often seen and heard during the night. One of the camp trouble makers, trying to steal your food and equipment during the night. Always sleep in a zipped tent.
Makes one of the most evocative night sounds of African bush.

The most dangerous animal of Africa, killing more people than all other animals together. Never leave the vehicle near water, where those animals live.

Many are living in Okavango Delta, often seen running from your vehicle.
Wild Dog

Rare, endangered animal. Very efficient hunter and killer. Very social, always in packs.

Sometimes seen crossing the bush-track. A healthy population of several species lives in the Okavango Delta.
Puff Adder

Very dangerous snake, but attack only if disturbed.  Probably the fastest strike of any snakes, potent cytotoxic venom. There are several dangerous snakes in Okavango Delta but they are rarely seen. Bites are extremely rare. The bush wisdom says: don't bother them, they will not bother you.
Monitor Lizard

Big African lizard, often seen near water.

Dangerous reptile, many crocs are living in the Okavango waters, but sometimes difficult to see. In some places can be seen regularly. Never be tempted to swim in the Okavango Delta.
Okavango Delta Safaris
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Not all animals of the Okavango Delta are listed on this page, there are many more, especially the smaller ones. There are hundreds of bird species, reptiles, insects and interesting plants in the Okavango Delta.