We are Botswana citizens, based in Botswana, operating professional safari companies, licensed by the Botswana Tourism Authorities.

We would like to promote the local business opportunities and job creation possibilities related to tourism industry. This is the only way for a successful conservation strategies in the long term, especially in the extremely sensitive ecosystems of the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta - being part of the Great Kalahari.

Help us to preserve our wilderness for the future generations by booking with us and going on safari with us.

Okavango Delta Safaris is not a company name but a project name run by several companies owned by the people of Botswana and based in Botswana. It is a kind of marketing tool for us - letting you know that there are local, professional safari operators, who will take you to the most interesting wildlife destinations in the Okavango Delta and beyond.

However, because of the present business context, we also work together with various mobile safari operators based in Botswana and South Africa. We also network with several travel agencies in Botswana, Europe and South Africa. This cooperation allows us to put together the best possible itinerary for our clients and secure the necessary bookings. So, please do not be surprise to receive an answer to your enquiry from a different operator or agent based in a different country cooperating with us.

If you book with us you directly support the guardians of the wildlife of Botswana and in this way you indirectly support the conservation of our wilderness. We ensure you of quality of our services.

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Several other safari operators cooperate with us on regular basis.
Lions of the Okavango Delta
Okavango Delta Safaris
Magnificent lions of the Okavango Delta on territorial patrol. You might be lucky, like many others, to see them on your safari tour.
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