There are different types of Safaris. Below are some definitions:

Mobile Safari
Safari conducted in special safari 4x4 vehicles, that allow you the maximum visibility. Mobile means that we are constantly on the move, traveling through the wildlife areas. We stop only for meals, period of rests (most of the safari operators are very flexible), and for the night. The vehicles are open or semi-open - this means a lot of fresh air but no artificial air-conditioning. You will be very close to nature in this way.

Mobile Tented Safari
The accommodation for the nights will be provided in quality tents prepared in specially designated camps.

Mobile Lodge Safari
The accommodation for the nights will be in lodges - permanent buildings in wildlife areas.

Mobile Mixed (Tented & Lodge) Safari
The accommodation will be in both: Tents and Lodges, depending on arrangements.

Participation Safari
The tourists are invited to participate in preparing the camp, pitching the tents, collecting firewood, cooking .....
Some people like this experience. The rates are a little lower. This kind of safari means less time for game viewing, for taking photos, and you can get tired. 

Non-Participation Safari
Everything is prepared for you: camp, tents, meals ...
You just travel and enjoy the nature. Let others work for you. Most of the safaris operate this way, sometimes it is very practical and time saving. You have more time for game viewing, taking photos and enjoying wildlife.

Lodge Based Safari
You are based in a lodge or permanent quality camp for several days and from there you explore the surrounding bush. Safari operators in private concessions offer this kind of safari.

Walking Safari
In some places walking safaris are allowed. You are guided by a professional guide who knows the bush very well and knows what to do in case of any danger. You cannot get closer to nature than that. For many it is an unforgettable experience, especially if you meet some animals crossing your way like elephants, buffaloes, lions ...

Photographic Safari
Often referred to as general safari. On the way the driver and the guide will make sure you will be able to photograph these special moments, animals, landscapes, plants ...

General Safari
Often referred to as photographic safari. You guide will try to share with you the secrets of the bush, ecology, information on encountered animals and many other things you might be interested in. There is no hurry on safari - you want to watch a sleeping lion for one hour, that's OK, provided there is time to reach the camp on time. Driving during the night is prohibited in the national parks and game reserves.

Birding Safari
Safari specifically interested in bird species occurring in a given area. Other wildlife is just a bonus. There are several highly specialized operators providing professional guides - bird specialists like Birding Botswana.

Special Interest Safari
More and more people request special trips with special purpose. Some are interested in a particular species of plants or animals. Some people study frogs, reptiles, fish, insects, flowers (like lilies) and so on.
There are people interested is stars, history, geology, speology (caves) ..... Some safari operators are able to organise specialised safaris focusing on these special interests. Whenever possible, we look for a professional guide who can help you.

Professional Filming & Photography
Safari for professional filmmakers, photographers, journalist aiming at commercial production and distribution.
This kind of safari needs special permit from the authorities and needs highly professional approach to logistics, planning, preparatory study and similar ...

Cultural Safari
Safari that takes you to the local people ready to share their culture with you. This kind of safari becomes increasingly popular among the Western tourists. Several communities in the Okavango Delta area provide opportunities to welcome you and to offer an interesting program for you.

Boating Safari
Safari on the water channels and lagoons. Often it is a part of general safari. Some people like to spend several days this way.

Elephant Back Safari
One of the most exclusive and expensive safaris in the Okavango Delta, but for people who can afford it, it is an extraordinary experience, becoming part of nature for a while...

Horseback Safari
Another way of experiencing the Okavango Delta really close. More and more people come to ride the horses in the wildest areas of Africa.

Fishing Safari
In some places, especially in the panhandle of the delta there are great fishing opportunities. The Okavango River is famous for its fabulous tiger fish and large tilapia species. Catfish are numerous and large.

Guided Safari
All organised safaris, by law, must be conducted by a professional guide, a person who knows the African bush, knows animals and plants and knows what to do in case of emergency. Good guide can find for you many well hidden animals in the bush and show them to you. It is a very special skill and instinct. You may hire a guide for a private and self-catering safari as well.

Self-Catering Safari
You do it yourself - everything. For majority of tourists not advisable, not practical and even dangerous - immense wilderness with confusing roads, deep sand, sometimes flooded, very muddy, impassable, and anything can happen on the way - elephant charge, car breakdown, sickness, accident... A professional guide is trained to handle all those situations and find the best options. 
For experienced bush dwellers a fantastic experience - but they have to know what they do!

Private Safari
You do it yourself.
Other meaning: a safari for one person or small group of people who would like to have privacy during safari, they do not wish to have contact with other tourists during this time.
Most of the safaris are trying to provide privacy anyway to the group catered for.

Okavango Delta safaris
Okavango Delta Safaris - types of safaris
Herds of elephants are often seen in the Okavango Delta.
Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world.
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