Other destinations in Botswana
Okavango Delta is is definitely the main attraction, however Botswana has several other wildlife destinations that at times might be as spectacular or even more spectacular than the delta if it comes to wildlife concentration.
Some areas belong to the top best or unique wildlife destinations on the planet, like the famous Chobe National Park, Nxai Pan National Park, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kalahari Transfrontier Park or Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and several other interesting destinations.
Famous for largest elephant herds on earth. Most of the 130.000 strong elephant population of Botswana can be found in Chobe National Park and surrounding areas. It is an unforgettable experience to see hundreds of these magnificent mammals in one place at the same time. There is no other place like this on the entire planet and if you come to Botswana, visit to Chobe is a must. The best time to visit this park is between June and October (the dry season), when wildlife concentration along the permanent water can be breathtaking.
SAVUTI - Chobe National Park
Savuti area is known for large prides of lions and hyaenas, and magnificent elephant bulls. There is also a seasonal migration of thousands of zebra. Many other animals can be seen there: wildebeest, impala, kudu. leopard, cheetah, giraffe ...
Great wildlife area, great wilderness, very sandy and difficult 4x4 roads.
CHOBE RIVER FRONTAGE - Chobe National Park
During the dry months (May-October) one of the most spectacular wildlife area of the whole of Africa. Nowhere on earth you can see so many elephants and other animals in almost fabulous concentration. The boat cruise on Chobe is absolutely unique and a must for every traveler to this park.
During the rainy season many animals migrate to this pan to graze on the sweet grasses. It is the only place where you can see springbok and impala together. Thousands of zebras are everywhere. Predators are often seen: lions, cheetah, leopard, jackal, even rare wild dogs visit this park. The famous Imax theatre film "Roar" about lions was shot here, with stunning hunting scenes filmed by Tim Liversedge.
One of the largest reserves in the world and largest in Botswana. Home for many interesting desert species but also ancestral land of the Kalahari Bushmen. It is a harsh and hot place but stunningly beautiful, especially during the rains.
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